Start the Lab by:

Forking the project or you by following directions below, if you are downloading individual files please do no forget about modules directory.

Other options

1 VSCode with Remote Repositories extension to open the repo and download the file/folder.

2 GitHub’s vscode based editor DOWNLOAD Instructions (recommended option)

For that second option Go to lab’s github repo.

  • Press . or replace .com with .dev in URL to open the repo in GitHub’s internal editor

  • In Explorer pane right click on the required file/folder and select download.

  • In the Select Folder dialog box, choose the directory on your disk under which you want the selected file/folder to exist.

  • Populate all required variables* in (feel free to rename it)

AFTER everything is downloaded and tfvars have been filled out...
proceed to run following commands

terraform init

terraform apply 

hint: terraform apply -auto-approve

!!! Scale down the AWS EKS cluster to 0 nodes or run the importation wizard in the Spot console.

EKS creations observed time frame is about 9-13 minutes, the rest should be around 5-10 minutes on top of that.

IF: Upgrading Kubernetes Version you might want to remove Prometheus stack, upgrade, then re-install.