Creating a VNG

First connect to your Spot Organization and navigate to the relevant Spot Account Spot_org

On the left bar, under the Ocean section select the Cloud Clusters option Ocean_clusters

You’ll enter the Ocean Clusters section in which you should enter the relevant Ocean cluster in which you’d like to practice on Cluster_list

In the Ocean cluster view, enter the Virtual Node Groups tab vng_tab

Press on the Create new Virtual Node Group button new_vng

In the pop-up screen, choose either Configure Manually (AKS/EKS, this will derive all the configurations from the default VNG, with the ability to override those) or the node pool from which you want the configuration to be imported from (GKE) and click Continue


Specify example-1 as the VNG Name and in the Node Selection section specify the following Node Labels
env: ocean-workshop
example: 1


Click Save at the bottom of the page.

We now have our new VNG ready.