Lab 2 Stateful/Private IP/Scheduling

In this Lab we will enable Stateful settings for Private IP address and setting a schedule to shutdown the instance. This allows us to ensure any replacement instances will come up with the same IP address and also shut down the instance when not in use for even greater cost savings.

Within the Elastigroup Dashboard, navigate to the Stateful Nodes category. Select the group that is already created within your account. It should begin with “smi-”

Navigate to the Network Tab and copy down the private IP address of the instance running Edit Config

Click Action in the top right Edit Config

Click Edit Configuration Edit Config

Click Click Next in the bottom right

Scroll Navigate to the Persistent Resources Section

Select Persist Private IP and enter in the value that you copied down earlier. Now scroll down on this page until you reach Scheduled Actions.

Select the option to run instances during these hours and enter a schedule as shown below

Typically customers will shut down lower level environments when not being used (Overnight and weekend hours)

Once you updated the running hours, click next and then update.

Click Update on the Summary Screen


If you don’t receive a successful notification, please go back and try again

Elastigroup Dashboard will show an updated Stateful Configuration