All Labs Cleanup

Take note that some resources might already been cleaned in the previous labs. At the same folder we are working in run the following commands:

kubectl delete -f vng-example.yaml   
kubectl delete -f vng-example-2.yaml   
kubectl delete -f headroom-example.yaml   
kubectl delete -f admission-controller.yaml
kubectl delete -f admission-example.yaml
kubectl delete -f no-admission-example.yaml
kubectl delete namespace admission-test
kubectl delete namespace no-admission-test

Enter the Spot console, navigate to the Virtual Node Groups tab in the relevant Ocean cluster, select all the VNGs created through this workshop (example-1, example-2, example-3-1, example-3-2) and press the Delete button vng_view

Specify the required Delete me string and press the Delete button. vng_view

In case of need/want - remove any additional resources created as a prerequisite - the Ocean cluster & the managed Kubernetes cluster.