Elastigroup 101

Elastigroup simplifies and automates cloud infrastructure for scale-out applications running in AWS, Azure, and GCP, freeing operations teams from the burdens of infrastructure management. It continuously analyzes your resource usage and provides autoscaling groups that optimize compute resources to ensure availability and meet resource demands using the lowest-cost compute options.

Key Benefits

  • Deliver application performance & availability - Use advanced analytics and automation to ensure that applications always have the resources they need, without interruption.
  • Simplify cloud operations - Manage provisioning, scaling and monitoring for cloud compute without the complexity and risk of manual and custom approaches.
  • Slash cloud infrastructure costs - Reliably leverage the most cost-effective cloud compute without adding complexity or risking availability, saving up to 90%.

Elastigroup for AWS seamlessly integrates with several AWS services, such as ALB\ELB, ASG, Elastic Beanstalk, Route53, Opsworks, CodeDeploy, Chef, and EMR.

Our workshop will review some of our most utilized features within Elastigroup: Predictive Rebalancing, Load Balancer Integrations, Stateful and Intelligent Traffic Flow.