Grafana and Prometheus Access

Verify access to Prometheus and Grafana by running port forwarding commands in its own separate terminal, instructions also displayed after ‘terraform apply’ command completes its run.

kubectl port-forward svc/kube-prometheus-stackr-prometheus 9090:9090 --namespace monitoring
  • Verify that you can see spot metrics by typing “ocean” in graph search bar as per below.


IF OCEAN METRICS ARE NOT VISIBLE PLEASE VERIFY by clicking on Status, Config and making sure that job name propagated correct at the very bottom of the config file as per below: spotocean

kubectl port-forward svc/kube-prometheus-stackr-grafana 3000:80 --namespace monitoring
  • Default Grafana via prometheus-stack credentials:



  • user: admin

  • pass: prom-operator

Import Spot Metrics Dashboard 16475 via Spot Ocean | Grafana Labs

  • set datasource to prometheus.

  • if all successful you should see a connected dashboard as per below.


EKS creations observed time frame is about 9-13 minutes, the rest should be around 5-10 minutes on top of that.


  • DO NOT spin up Node-Group with 0 nodes.
  • Currently you will lose local Prometheus and Grafana historical data at node/pod cycling, however Cloud Grafana will keep some data based on your account level, even free account still will store some historical.
  • This EKS cluster configuration is not configured for PVC at the moment.
  • pod/kube-prometheus-stackr-prometheus-node-exporter is placed on every node

If Upgrading Kubernetes Version you might want to remove Prometheus stack, upgrade, then re-install.