Create AWS Infrastructure (Lab 1 and 2)

Creating AWS Infrastructure with Elastigroup

Before we dive into specific features within Elastigroup, we will pre-create some underlying AWS infrastructure including a new VPC, three subnets, Application load balancer, three EC2 instances and a Spot by Netapp Elastigroup. Reference architecture is shown below:


  1. Log into your AWS account that you plan to use for the workshop.

  2. Create a new EC2 Key Pair .(Optional if you already have one created). We will not be using the Key Pair to SSH into the machine, but it’s a requirement for both Cloudformation templates.

  3. Log into your Spot account

  4. Launch the Cloudformation Template.

  5. You will need to provide your Spot Account ID, AWS Key Pair and the Spot API token that you created from the previous page.