Create Stateful Instance (Lab 3)

Creating AWS Infrastructure for Stateful lab #3

Before we dive into our stateful lab with Elastigroup (Lab #3), we will provision a single instance using Cloudformation. This instance will be provisioned to run a wordpress website with a database hosted locally on the same instance. All of the parameters have been pre-populated in the template with the exception of your key pair. You may modify any of the default parameters if you desire, just keep note of them as you will need to use this instance later in the lab.

  1. Launch the Cloudformation Template

  2. The template will pre-populate all of the parameters for you except for a key pair.


  1. Click on the “Create Stack” button once you selected your key pair. Allow a few minutes for the template to finish creating.

  2. Click on the Output Tab to view the DNS name and save this for later.