Elastigroup Stateful

How can I run Stateful workloads on Spot instances?

Elastigroup Statefuls provide a solution for launching and managing a single compute instance. On the AWS cloud, for a standard single instance workload, an on-demand EC2 instance is launched. The instance is expected to be highly available, easily manageable, and integrate well with additional services and monitoring tools.

Elastigroup Stateful provides a way to achieve the same functionality on spot instances. This provides the benefit of significant cost savings, while the downside of spot Instances, namely spot interruptions, are mitigated through the use of advanced persistence features..

With Elastigroup Stateful it is possible to maintain state (i.e., root and block device volume data and network interfaces) across varying instance types, sizes, and pricing models (spot, RI, on-demand) even across different availability zones.

Stateful Options

  • Persist Root Volume
  • Persist Data Volumes
  • Maintain Private IP
  • Maintain Public IP

Common Use Cases

  • Single Non-Prod Database Server
  • Cassandra
  • Elastic.co
  • Kafka
  • MongoDB

Example Use Cases

  • A cluster that communicates internally based on private IPs.
  • Customers who manage their workloads based on IP addresses.
  • Migrating existing services without having to change the configurations.
  • Load-balanced instances that register based on private IP.
  • NoSQL (Cassandra / Scylla / Mongo) databases that require a fixed private IP.